If someone offered you free money, would you take it? That's exactly what a poker bonus is and as long as you're using a reputable poker site, then we strongly advise that you take advantage of the great bonus offers for Canadian poker players.

Lucky for our fellow Canadians we've searched high and low playing at all these sites to come up with what we feel are the best bonus offers. Keep in mind that biggest isn't always the best as we take other factors like player liquidity, long term offers and rollover requirements into play.

Why do Poker Sites offers Bonus

The quick and simple answer is that they want your business! It's much like the introductory offer a cell or internet company has. The best poker sites are the ones that not only give you a great signup bonus, but also have poker promotions and loyalty programs that they offer to existing players. If you're used to playing at a local poker club (or your friends house) then you probably haven't seen many poker bonuses. Online poker rooms offer these bonus because they have much lower costs, and they know how easy it is for a Canadian poker player to find another great poker site. When you're playing offline and walk into a poker room or casino, they pretty much have you already.

Poker Site Allow CAD Sign up bonus Bonus Code Play Now!

100% up to $500 PD365

FREE $88 N/A

200% up to $1000 N/A

100% up to $600 PSP5924

Bonus Rollover

  • This is the string that they attach to the bonus and usually can be found in the small print. It's not that the poker site is trying to screw over players, but they need to make sure that the poker bonus offering for Canadians is a good deal. If they are losing money on it long term, you can be sure that you won't see it last. Basically once a poker site gives a player money that's real cash in the system and considered a liability on their books. If you lose the bonus on the first hand then they could potentially have to pay it out.
  • For that reason, most poker rooms require players to complete a certain amount of activity (hands or rake) before you are given the bonus. The best poker sites will slowly 'drip' the bonus into your account as you reach certain levels of poker activity. We've found that any decent poker player can usually achieve these bonuses within the time frame given. Well that is the best poker sites give you enough time
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