Although some people enjoy playing for fun money poker, for me there's nothing like the thrill of having all your money on the line in a big poker hand. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are all part of poker. Luckily as Canadians we have a wide range of good sites where you can play online poker for real money; no longer do you need to find a group of friends to play your local home game. All you need is a computer, internet connection (coffee shop will do) and a few dollars to get started.

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Poker Advertising

Advertising by online poker sites is quite wide spread in Canada and although they technically can't promote poker for real money, that's their intended goal. PokerStars has great coverage at NHL games such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks, while Bet365 is at CFL events for the Hamilton Tiger cats and Toronto Argos. The local radio stations advertise commercials and even TSN and SportsNet have ads. What they are advertising is their .net version of poker, which is their play for free model. The hopes of these poker sites is not that you'll play for free (bad business model to spend more to gain customers who don't generate revenue) but that you go to the real money poker sites and deposit. It's obvious that the advertising is working as these major poker sites haven't slowed down their spending in the last couple years and it's not cheap advertising with NHL teams.

Canadian dollars

There's something patriotic about the Canadian dollar and although you don't hand over actually cash to online poker sites, it's feels better knowing that you are playing with our money. Yes we love our colourful bills that have Canadian Prime Ministers, symbolic animals like the loon and even a winter hockey scene. But more than our love affair with the Canadian dollar, it shows that the company is dedicated to caring about the Canadian poker player. On the international stage it's all too easy for big European companies to lump us in with Americans. We know that we're different and the poker sites that realize this I generally find have better Canadian promotions. Although it is easy to convert our payments into Euro's or USD, the Canadian dollar is a great indicator of a site that cares about Canadian business.

Variety of Real Money

When you gather to play a poker home game every group typically has a set amount, whether its $20 buy-in tournaments or cash games with $1 big blinds. Whatever the case, the amount is usually too rich for some players and not big enough to prove interesting for others. Online poker sites on the other hand have a huge variety of real money tables. Everything for 1 cents/2cents cash games all the way up to high roller tables which can sometimes reach blinds of $1000/$2000. For Canadian players there's a great variety of these games and the best online poker sites will have tables at most levels (much fewer at the high roller tables). As you improve and start to beat your fellow Canucks you can move up to higher priced tables.

Overall, there's a great selection of real money poker for Canadians available. We recommend that you choose one of our best poker sites as they offer the best for Canadian poker players.

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